Artist-in-residency (2017)

In mai 2017 we where hosting the 2 Dutch Instrument-inventors

Marije Baalman and Dianne Verdonk as artist in residency on Illutron.

They where both presenting new instrument inventions on the NIME The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, and also speaking on the seminar Frankenstein’s Lab held by Dansk Komponistforening. We really enjoyed hosting them and looking forward to more of these inspirational people visiting the boat in the future.

Dianne Verdonk: " I'm still feeling the afterglow of staying at Illutron, it inspired me a lot to see how active your community is and what great things people are working on. Thanks so much! "

In september 2017 we hosted Mariska De Groot from the netherlands while she was researching and working at Illutron on the project Vandmand together with Illutron member Lars Kynde. While staying on the boat she was prototyping, building and rehearsing her performance with the Elsinore girls marching band. Exhibiting and concert took place at Technical Museum in Elsinore and ended in a huge a applause from the many visitors.