Pulsejet Symphony (2016)

Based on the pulse-jet technology developed during World War II, Pulsejet Symphony wants to explore a new form of musical expression. Their compositions for the unique sound of these noisy engines and have been performed both at home and abroad.

Pulsejet Symphony is an ongoing project that partly wants to explore a new form of musical expression, but at the same time also an investigation of the work's surrounding architecture and the sonic landscape. Technically speaking, the project takes its starting point from our work with the pulse-jet technology, which was created in World War II to send German V1 bombs against England. After discovering that these noisy motors have the ability to produce unique timbres, we wanted to compose a work with these pulse jets.

First composition for three pulse-jets and bagpipes was created for and premiered in Fælledparken during the new music festival KLANG on 13 June 2016.

Based on this work, we were invited by the instrument inventors initiative to an artist residency in the Netherlands, where we had the opportunity to develop and perform a new work with the pulse jets during the concert event Sand Songs on 18 June 2016

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmrR9yFe5vg