Propane Photobooth ( 2010)

Instead of a regular flash system for a photobooth, a gas canon was used to explore alternative aesthetic qualities of photo taking. This was done by taking apart the traditional flash app on an Android Xperia phone and compile a new version which would send a signal to a solenoid relay whenever the shutter was released. After an evening of calibration and timing it was possible to get pictures which gave the impression of an atomic explosion going off right at the moment the picture was taken - which was sort of true - although no one was harmed.

This project was a part of a larger exploration with Xperia Studio. We want to convey the message to the world that technology should be designed to be remixed, hacked and customized by its users. The process was filmed, and will published as part of a larger promotion about the phones.

Credits: Christian Liljedahl, Benjamin Weber and Nicolas Padfield