Hydrophonic Soundscapes (2011)

Hydrophonic Soundscapes was build for Helsinki Festival on August 2011. The installation transformed a pool in the middle of Helsinki centre into an interactive sound and light installation.

Several hydrophones captured all the sounds the audience made; for example splashing hands or throwing stones into the water. Some found it interesting to use a hose to blow air into the water, some to use the hose as a whip spanking the water. All the sounds the hydrophones captured were send to a delay effect and further to the speakers which were placed on the sides of the pool.

The hydrophones had also another function: controlling the floating lights. Whenever there was interaction in the water, three lights changed their colour regarding to the amount of pressure.

Eventually, if a lot of interaction was made, a smoke cloud bursted in the center of the pool.

Created by: Simo Ekholm, Halfdan Hauch Jensen, Harald M. Viuff, Jiazi Liu, Sally Ingvorsen and Johan Bichel Lindegaard.

Photo by: Darren Webb