A few Projects

Illutron has created and hosted countless experiments, events, art projects etc. This page shows a few of them. Over the years, the projects evolve with new members' interests. Only a fraction of projects have been documented on these pages.

illutron 2.0 (2020->)

During covid, we set out to rethink illutron from a larger perspective. The dream is to convert the barge into a modern floating culture house with facilities that allow year-round use and are more friendly for all age groups. This project is under active development at the moment.

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Industria (2020)

... it unfolds a multisensory world experience at Refshaleøen!

In a playful mix of immersive performance, interactive art, and total theatre, we dive into the Industrial Revolution with you.

Take part, and find your way through the seaborne experience

A fanciful retelling of Charles Dickens’ Hard Times interwoven with the island’s shipyard history.

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Inner Glow (2020)

A geometric installation which reverses the purpose of light. Instead of spreading light outwards, it sends it inwards. Each light can be controlled individually. Thus, creating artificial kinesthetic properties in which the movement of shadows is based on turning the 30 light tubes on and off. The piece is made out of upcycled materials from local scrap yards. The shape is a polyhedron in the form of an icosahedron with 20 sides, 12 corners and 30 connectors.

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Plantasia (2015-2018)

Plantasia was an urban roof garden project on top of illutron. 

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Omala House Boat (2018)

Omala is a 40ft. steel bunker boat built in 1967. She spent most of her life selling diesel fuel around Denmark. Now being turned into a houseboat.

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Død Ø (2017)

The free, public, immersive Zombie Survival experience which overran the abandoned bunkers and events space on neighbouring Teaterøen in Feb 25, 2017. Over 120 people initially chose to be a Survivor or a Zombie in this light weight, high impact, interactive game. Registered Survivors were engaged via AI driven SMSes the week before “Zday”. Their task:- get the antidote. And don’t be caught or turn into a zombie too…

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Sankt Hans at Illutron (2007-2016)

Annual Sankt Hans at Illutron. This is a cosy bring your friends and your kids event where we hang out and meet new great people.

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Sailling JuleTree (2015)

A 10 meter tall yule/christmas tree fitted with 2000 individually controlled LEDs sailing through the harbour. Tall enough to need the bridges opened.

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Dream Forest (2016)

In the fence from the festival site there is a small hole, a small cave, marked only by a glowing tree. Through the hole in the fence you can glimpse a magical experience. You crawl through the portal and stand among the beautiful beech trees - lit up, a gigantic work of light art consisting of thousands of individually computer-controlled pixels, which present a calm, pristinely beautiful light show.

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The Coffee Raft (2011)

The original idea was to put a kettle, instant coffee and some cups on a raft in the middle of the harbour, for people sailing by to service themselves to a cup of coffee. Then, as the building went along, the idea grew too.

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Explosion village, Roskilde Festival (2008)

The village is built around the Explosion Tower, which looks like a mix of a derrick and the Eiffel Tower. It is surrounded by luminous stones, and when you make grooves with others on these stones, shooting flames are released from the top of the tower out into the sky.

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