KulturSYDhavn (2012)

Once again - partnering with Kulturhavn we bring you KulturSYDhavn!

KulturSYDhavn is our annual festival, in collaboration with Kulturhavn and other partners including the Børnekulturstedet Karens Minde, Kbh Projekthus, AFUK, Kongens Enghave Lokalhistorisk, and others. Experience many installations, join in a treasure hunt for the entire family, and explore the ship illutron!

We have many activities throughout the summer including:

Create your city – new harbour life: In collaboration with Københavns Kommune, we experiment with making the water of the Copenhagen Harbour more accessible and usable to the public.

Ønskekanal – The wish canal: a community event held in Sluseholmen. An all day BBQand family gathering will lead up to a beautiful evening – where you assemble small electronics which will glow, casting your wish for the harbour into the canals of Sluseholmen.

Hydrophonic Soundscapes

Hydrophonic Soundscapes was built for Helsinki Festival on August 2011. The installation transformed a pool in the middle of Helsinki centre into an interactive sound and light installation.

Several hydrophones captured all the sounds the audience made; for example splashing hands or throwing stones into the water. Some found it interesting to use a hose to blow air into the water, some to use the hose as a whip spanking the water. All the sounds the hydrophones captured were send to a delay effect and further to the speakers which were placed on the sides of the pool.

The installation, renewed and re-imagined will be running for KulturSYDhavn 2012 – Created by: Simo Ekholm, Halfdan Hauch Jensen, Harald M. Viuff, Jiazi Liu, Sally Ingvorsen and Johan Bichel Lindegaard.

The Underwater ROV

Dzl’s underwater remote operated vehicle will patrol the waters of the harbor – and show via a TV, all the wonders of the underwater world. You can guide the ROV and see the world below using a joystick. To read all about the project, visit his blog here: https://dzlsevilgeniuslair.blogspot.dk/search/label/ROV

Sinking Ship Kraka: An old wooden boat. Sunken on the bottom of the harbour. Open the valves, let in the air, and bring it back to the surface – For a little while. Until it slowly sinks again.

Christian Liljedahl works on his summer project – the Sinking Ship “An old wooden boat. Sunken on the bottom of the harbour. Open the valves, let in the air, and bring it back to the surface – For a little while. Until it slowly sinks again…” ask him about his project and visit the ship that will soon be sunk…

Self Guided Tours

Thanks to the brilliant work of our newest illutron member, Giacomo, we now have the ability to offer self-guided tours. Giacomo, working with Christian and Dzl, has crafted signs for every installation onboard illutron and even for the rooms we use on the ship. Now you can explore the barge and learn about the history of each place onboard.

Kunstkopf: A giant underwater head which can hear underwater and share the sounds with you.

Playing with lights, underwater

Schack Lindemann and Dzl will play with lightbulbs underwater, exploring how to technically achieve light under water and exploring the effects the light has and how it appears underwater.

Smutti: The Mobile Fab Lab

In collaboration with GeekPhysical and illutron, IdemoLab, a part of Delta’s Incubation Unit, presents “Smutti: The Mobile Fab Lab”. Smutti is a small, charming camper wagon full of equipment to help your ideas meet the real world.

A Fab Lab is a place that you can brainstorm, conceptualize, design, sketch and prototype your ideas quickly and then test them in the real world. Fab Labs are popping up all over the world as a response to the need for a personal fabrication factory where people can take their ideas and develop them into products, test, and redesign quickly and with no previous experience in product design.

Learn more here: idemolab.dk