The machines are having fun when you are not looking (2008)

Charlottenborg art Museum.

The installation is in a room with only one entrance, as first impressions and POV is of the essence to the installation. Behind the screen, a gigantic colorful pulsating spectacle is taking place. The curious visitor will attempt to explore this event. But when the visitor turns the corner, their presence is sensed and the spectacle stops, by switching off all LEDs. If the visitor wants to enjoy the light show, he/she now has to adjust to the conditions, standing still long enough for the machines to get used to the visitor's presence. By standing, and waiting for a moment, the machines will resume their light- party for the visitors to enjoy. The visitor will be able to join the party until another visitor arrives and triggers the motion sensors, turning the LEDs off again.

The installation calls for a dialogue between the visitors that aims at a consensus of presence with respect to the machines and the time they need, offering every visitor the possibility to enjoy the spectacle. All machines and technologies used in this installation are outdated and have been bought, used or found in the scrap. The repurposing of technology, putting common electronic objects in new contexts, suggests that all machines are having crazy fun when we’re not looking.

Mads Høbye, Nicolas Padfield, Jacob Sikker Remin, Nikolaj Møbius.