A stream of sound. Shishi-odoshi of steel. Steam punk Nihon Teien - A Japanese garden made of steel plates and pipe fittings.

For Valby Kunstår 2013 we were approached by Kultur Valby and asked to do some sort of interactive installation related to water on Porcelænstorvet, a square next to a shopping area in Valby.

When we explored the square, we noticed, that the whole place had a slope, and that could give us the possibility of having water flow by gravity. Like in a small stream in the forest.

We wanted a musical aspect of the installation. How do we make flowing water play music? Who have done that? Where have we seen that?

The traditional japanese gardens - The bamboo mobiles, that fill up with water, tip over, and makes a distinctive percussive sound. The Shishi-odoshi.

The illlutron take on bamboo and flowers is (not surprisingly) rusty steel and pipe fittings.

A very rare illutron installation: No Arduino boards or any other type of electronics where used to power this.

July 2013 

They look and sound like Tibetan singing bowls, but it is actually end caps for big steel pipes.

To make the water flow, people had to use manual pumps, drawing water from a reservoir. The pumps feeded the various instruments, and ran back down the stream of steel plates and into the reservoir again.