Terms of agreement (2014)

A performative installation based on the fictive company UNISON, who lured participants at the DrivingIT 2014 conference to sign up and take part of a privacy related installation.

The experiment explore and create grounds for debate about our willingness to give away personal data in return for free benefits.

Terms of Agreement was set up as a booth at the conference with banners and merchandise representing the company UNISON. Here UNISON employees lured participants to sign up for a membership card with the promise of several membership advantages: access to the VIP lounge, free drinks, and internet access. In turn participants gave up their private information, had their picture taking, and checked the box ‘terms of agreement’ - where they gave away all rights to the data. When using the VIP membership cards to get into the VIP lounge the secret UNISON system was activated, and their personal data and picture appeared on screens as commercials.

Executed at the IDA-IT conference DrivingIT 2014.

See mentions & article: "Peter Kofod snydt på DrivingIT 2014 - læste ikke det med småt", "Professionelle it-folk får falsk VIP-status i bytte for personlige oplysninger"

Created by Malene Habroe, Halfdan Hauch Jensen, & Maja Fagerberg Ranten.

Photos by Mads Høbye.

November 2014