Havdans: A dance performance above and below the sea (2013)

A collaboration between Børnekulturstedet Karens Minde and illutron for Kulturhavn 2013

- What would a creature of the sea put on the hook to catch you?

A scientist above and a creature of the sea below discovers each other, meet in the surface, and sails away on a sunken ship, that surfaces from the depth of the sea.

Director and choreographer: Christina Brøndsholm Andersen

Dance: Joy Anna Hall

Music, created and performed by: Aske Duedal Bendtsen (percussion) and Bo Riemer (piano)

Scenography, tech and underwater activity: Christian Liljedahl

Idea: Christina Brøndsholm Andersen og Christian Liljedahl

Photos: Mathias Vejerslev

Video: Tonni Hansen