The Metro Monster (2012) 

Is it a metro or is it a monster?

Pump the blood around and give life to the monster. When the fluid reaches the eyes, they light up.

The Metro Monster is decorating the wall of the Metro construction site at Skjolds Plads close to Osram Huset in Nørrebro.

Organized and financed by Haraldsgadekvarterets Områdeløft, Metroselskabet og 2200Kultur.

Nobody knows, but if you look at the map of the metro it is quite clear.

Many many years ago, a giant monster fell asleap on the site, where Copenhagen is today.

There is a giant monster hiding under Copenhagen, and the whole purpose of the metro is to dig it free.

If you look at the map, it becomes clear. The arms have been dug free, and now it is time for the body. 

Photos: Mathias Vejerslev

Graphics: Giacomo Neri

Instructions manual: how the metro monster works

Playful interaction.

The demands for the work was: Interactive. Playful.

Should be something, that could be played with by children and adults.

We started from the concept of a Metro. A metro is pipes in the ground, where people are flowing around. Back and forward. Around and around. Every day.

First we just wanted to do the map of the metro on the wall, using clear plastic pipes.

It became clear, that doing an exact replica of the Metro map would not be as interesting as doing a monster, that kind of look like the metro, if you know how it looks. Doing it a lot more subtle.

Then we looked closer at the map of the metro, brainstormed, and the monster arrived. The map of the metro looks very much like a monster.