Drum interactions (2015)

Illutron designed a large scale interactive art installation for Skanderborg festival 2015. The installation consisted of a big fire cannon mounted at the main entrance of the festival. The participants could trigger the canon by playing together on oil drums.

The interaction consisted of eight oil drums put in a circle, right outside the Festival entrance. Each drum had a piezo sensor mounted. They registered the participants drumming send the signal into an Arduino Mega with eight analog inputs. The participants received feedback via individual Red-Green-Blue led string mounted on poles on each drum. The lights would change depending on the interactions

When the participants had solved the puzzle of drumming the lights on the drums would turn bright red and the fire cannon would go off.

Created by:

Carsten Namansa, Christian Liljedahl, Harald Viuff, Halfdan Hauch Jensen, Lars Kynde, Maja Fagerberg Ranten, Nikolaj Møbius, Schack Lindemann & Peter McKenna, Mona Jensen, Nicolas Padfield Mads Hobye, Vanessa Carpenter, Mai Vanilli, Ursula Fredlund, Rasmus jørgensen, Morten Luckow, Magnus fredlund, Søren Buhl Pedersen & Katarina Sočan

Photos: Mads Hobye & Mai Vanilli

Video: Mads Hobye