About illutron

Illutron is a collaborative interactive arts studio. Illutron creates large scale interactive art, intriguing explorations into the realm where art and technology meet, experiments in the water and is a place for individual or collaborative work. As a physical framing, the collective bought an old rusty industrial barge with 800 square meters of space. 

Since 2007, the ship illutron has been an integral part of the Copenhagen Harbor and art scene, where as a maritime art laboratory it has created space for experiments and cultural events on and by the water. The association illutron, which owns the ship, has operated the ship on a voluntary basis and with minimal operating costs, created experimental cultural events, produced art and acted as an incubator for artistic and creative young Copenhageners.

Interactive art collective

The Illutron studio was formed in 2007 by a group of people with a wide range of backgrounds: artists, performers, programmers, electricians, musicians and electronics wizards. The group started with two primary values: to create a community around creative, artistic usage of technology, and to build an open platform where people could explore driven by their own curiosity. You did not have to justify yourself and your work; it was inherent in the culture that somehow, someday your little experiment would find a greater role in an interactive art installation in a gallery or in playful contexts at festivals and events.

Free thinking workspace

The barge serves as an experimental lab filled with electronic components, steel, and old industrial robots that people have found in scrap yards. The scrap is taken apart, revived and put into new interactive situations. The discarded score display from the national football stadium becomes an interactive light wall, and an old diving pressure tank becomes the buffer tank for an interactive fire cannon. All of the experiments were explored by predicting and testing the possibilities they had in a context of playful participants in the field.

Cultural eventspace

illutron collaborative interactive art studio operates the art ship illutron - a floating culture house, workshop and event platform for installation art, music, fire, light, dance, film and more. The former entrepreneur platform, 480 tons of steel and 4 levels with a total 800 m2 of space