Join us
illutron is a non-profit organisation which relies entirely on enthusiasts building great projects for both large events and small art projects. We love new input and new members, but sometimes people have a hard time figuring out how to become a member of the group. Here is a list of ways to become a member.

Participate in events / projects
We try to keep people updated on Facebook and on the website when we do events.

Become a full member
You can become a full member of illutron by paying membership. We recommend you participate in our saturday meetings and get to meet us as well.

At illutron, you pay what you can afford. We welcome you.
There are the following levels of engagement you can use as guidelines:
If you want more or less, please just ask us.

150 kr/mo basic membership. You are on the email list, use the ship, contribute.
75 kr/mo basic membership. As above, but you feel really really poor.
At least 500 kr/mo active use of the ship as a work/art space.
At least 800 kr/mo a cabin, which is your home space but not exclusive (others are welcome to use it when you are not there).

You give 10% of all illutron related project budgets to the space.

Among many things membership gives you access to the following:
- Internal maillinglist.
- Official voting rights on meetings.
- Rights to use the space for your own projects as long as your projects are within the realm of the illutron philosophy.

Show up, ask questions and help out
Normally every second saturday of the month (odd weeks) we have a ship meeting around 16.00 where you are welcome to join us. Before we usually go around and do projects or fix the ship. You are always welcome to show up get to know us. Call Nicolas 28378118 first and check the meeting has not been moved in time or space.

Get a mentor
Everyone who participates on the barge gets a mentor – a designated contact person who will make you feel welcome and you can ask questions to (no matter how stupid they seems to be). Ask Mads, Vanessa or Nicolas about getting a mentor if we haven’t found one for you yet.

First and foremost don’t be shy – getting to be part of the ship and her crew is a process and hopefully, a fun and creative one!