Pyrolandia is a large fire, music light and dance installation, a magical landscape created by artists cooperative illutron. Normal everyday rules are bent and the audiences’ unbridled wild dance in honor of the fire god results in eruptions of uncontrollable pyrotechnic reward.

The installation consists of a large central multi fuel cannon which with computer controlled valves can give different types and durations of flame.

Around the central fire cannon are three warm, protective cocoons, where three goddesses live. Goddesses who must be warmed, touched, have life breathed into them in order to bring fire, light spring and sun back to the land. The audiences physical contact with the goddesses controls the light, sound and fire.

Performances the 12th and 13th february at 18, 20 and 22.

If you want your own giant interactive fire cannon of doom, please do not hesitate to contact project leader Nicolas Padfield +45 2837 8118 nicolas at , artists cooperative illutron, info at

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Artists cooperative illutron

Christian Liljedahl, Nikolaj “DZL” Møbius, Nicolas Padfield, Harald M. Viuff, Tobi Twang,
Schack Lindemann, Brian Vandal, Sonny Windstrup, Mads Høbye, Mona Jensen, Rikke Rasmussen, Gemma Peramiquel Borjas, Emma-Cecilia Ajanki, Sophia Mage, Henry Tornow, Vanessa Carpenter, Johan Bichel Lindegaard, Lizette Bryrup, Max Kim Tobiasen, Mathias Vejerslev, Lone Juul Dransfeldt Christensen, Christian Wang, Frederik Thaae

Special thanks to Elin Witschas, Signe Brink Pedersen, Peter Dilling, Ånd & Videnændertorvet